2nd Leg. Jasper to Toronto Part 2

(November 7th 2010)

We woke (or in Amanda’s case woke AGAIN) to big big skies and a very flat landscape. We’d been warned about the prairies being a bit dull but to be honest as it’s so new to us the novelty hasn’t worn off yet. One of the people working on the train said that if you stand on a tuna can in Saskatoon you can see Winnipeg in the distance. It’s that flat. Did I mention it’s flat?

I did spot a deer earlier running across a field and I’m still hoping to get a glimpse of beaver (fnar fnar). Amanda is completely fed up at this point (3:40pm) so the novelty has worn off for her BIG TIME. I’m going to need my earplugs AND noise cancelling headphones and promise never to book a train trip ever again, several times over. The problem is that I find the seats in the observation car uncomfortable and she finds then just right. However the seats in the cabin, I find are fine but she hates them. You see the issue right? We sit for so long in the observation car and I want to move. I offer to go back by myself but Amanda wants to come with me. Then complains that the seats are horrible and causing her legs pain. I offer to go back up but it seems I have to suffer a little longer first.

We stop at Winnipeg later (supposedly at 8:30pm) for about 3 hours. Not sure what we can do in those 3 hours but I thought it would be sensible to have an early sitting for lunch and dinner so at least we have options. However, the fly in that particular ointment is that we seem to be quite early for Winnipeg so dinner will be around 5pm rather than 6pm which was early enough as it was. The plus side (says mr glass half full) is that we should arrive in Winnipeg earlier so that we might actually do something there. Who knows? Watch this space.

So far I have read my book, written some of this, played with my photos, watched 2 episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm and it’s not even the end of day 1 yet. Hope I don’t run out of stuff to do. I might have to end up talking to someone.

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