Things I forgot

1. I saw the actress who played Sun in ‘Lost’ on our first day in Vancouver. Got giddy with excitement and almost fell off the kerb.
2. I woke up at about 2am on the train one night between Jasper and Toronto. We were somewhere in Saskatchewan and I opened the window blinds and saw the most amazing sky I have ever seen. More stars than I knew existed and brighter than I thought possible. I thought the skies in New Zealand were amazing when we were in the Bay of Islands but this blows that out of the water.
3. When you watch the hockey on tv you don’t see what goes on while the adverts are on (obviously). A team of young athletic and in some cases very nice looking people come out and scrape the ice, collecting the loose surface. In between periods it was even better watching the two zambonis resurface the ice. Oh yeah the game is pretty good too.
4. The mascot of the Toronto Raptors basketball team is incredibly funny and had me, Amanda and especially the woman sat next to us in stitches. Worth seeing if he’s on YouTube somewhere. Try this

If I think of more I’ll add to the list

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