The Rain Finally Caught Up With Us

(November 5th 2010)

Last night we had a tiny bit too much to drink (G&T, 1/2 bottle of wine and 2 double whiskeys in my case) so we took our time getting up this morning. A later breakfast than normal, very filling and very nice, then we decided to take a stroll. The lake in front of the hotel has a path around it, it’s pretty flat and has benches to rest along the way. Perfect for Amanda. It is however 2.2 miles which is a rather long way considering how little she walks these days. We set off and took rests as we went. We saw loads of squirrels all of which were remarkably unafraid of us and sat there watching us as they ate or buried nuts and the like. Cute little buggers. The pace got slower and slower as we got further around the circuit and we took plenty of rest stops. The weather stayed nice and cool and the rain held off apart from a few spits and spots. We passed the cabin where the Queen and Price Phillip stayed a few years ago. It looks gorgeous and I must check out how much it is to stay there just so I can choke on my coffee.

We finally made it as the rain started coming down heavier. It was a big achievement and we both went to the bar for a drink and something to eat. I should say that the hotel is having a ‘Christmas in November’ thing starting today and the hotel is fully booked over the weekend. The people have been arriving all day and we have retreated upstairs to watch a movie and read and generally stay out of the way of these strange people wearing name badges.

We leave tomorrow and head back to the train which is where we will be for the next few days. No internet so no updates but I might write stuff and upload when we get to Toronto. We arrive on Tuesday morning so I’m hoping Amanda gets to sleep on the train otherwise I might have to wear my earplugs the entire journey (or my new noise reducing headphones). We’ll stock up on supplies for the train journey in the morning in Jasper and the train leaves at 5:30pm.

See you on the other side of Canada.

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