More of Toronto

(November 11th 2010)

The game last night was a lot of fun, but I have to admit that I thought at one point we’d have to leave before it even began. When we arrived and located our seats, we walked into the arena and Amanda had a vertigo attack. We were fairly high up but the killer was how steep the seating was. Once she was in her seat she couldn’t move, look anywhere other than the court and I was praying that nobody would want her to move (fat chance). We grabbed a couple of sandwiches and drinks on the way in but the seats are really crammed in and it was a juggling competition trying to manage my coat, my delicious pulled pork sandwich and my root beer. I’m still amazed I ended up with a clean shirt at the end of the night.

The game was good even though the Raptors lost (although we discovered that losing isn’t very unusual for this team). After it finished we grabbed a cab back to the hotel and Amanda decided to have an affair….actually she had three affairs in just over an hour. In case you’re wondering, and affair, is a pomegranate martini and she seemed to enjoy them rather too much. I stuck with a lovely Laphroiag which Amanda maintains smells like some sort of medicine, so I drink it for medicinal purposes only .

This morning we got up and went downstairs for breakfast. As much as I love this hotel, breakfast is crap. A buffet-style, feed yourself thing which ended up costing us C$36 for a cup of tea, a bit of granola and yoghurt and a croissant. I can safely say it’s the first and only time we’ll be having breakfast here.

We decided to catch the hop-on-hop-off bus down to the Distillery District for a nose around. We’re going there again tonight but the shops will probably be closed by then so we were going to spend a hour looking around. As it was we looked around some galleries saw some stunning photos and chatted to the photographer, looked around some nice little shops then decided that we’d have some lunch in the microbrewery there. The problem was that the beer was far too nice to have just one pint (I had two) and the food was big enough that after eating we just wanted to go back to the hotel and sleep it off. Some might think this is a wasted day, I prefer to think of it as a relaxing, recovery day 🙂 I did manage to get some nice photos too so wasn’t a wasted day. If I get one photo I’m pleased with per day, my day is good.

Getting ready to eat and drink more now. I need bigger clothes.

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