More Apologies

(November 4th 2010)

A lazy, slow wake up in our giant room, then shower and breakfast (very nice indeed, granola coated pancakes with fresh fruit). Now wondering what to do today we wandered to the concierge desk and asked what would be recommended. A very nice gentleman called Tim who is client services manager suggested a few things but this being ‘notsummerbutnotyetwintereither season’ the number of things on offer was relatively slim which we expected. We asked about going into town and the easiest way of getting there, and Tim offered to take us himself then we could get a taxi back or if he was free he might be able to come collect us too. Again great customer service. We went upstairs to grab some things and when we came down he was ready to go. Oh, no shabby little minivan for us, oh no. We had the BMW X5 and Tim suggested if weren’t in a hurry we could swing by Maligne canyon which was quite a sight. Of course we said that if he had the time we’d be happy to see it. A full 2 hour guided tour of the general area followed with Tim being our tour guide, then finally dropping us off in Jasper along with his business card and the instructions to call him when we’re ready to be collected.

We had lunch and a potter around the small town. This being ‘notsummerbutnotyetwintereither season’ (as I mentioned) quite a bit of the town is shut. Many of the small stores and restaurants shut until things get busy again in the ‘proper’ winter. However we had a nice stroll until Amanda had had enough walking and it was time to go back. I called Tim and sure enough inside 10 minutes he was there to collect us. I gave him a small token of gratitude and he seemed genuinely embarrassed to take it. I hope that was because he felt they were still making up for the problems we’d had the previous day rather than he was embarrassed at the small amount of money.

When we got back to the room we had cheese and biscuits on a tray ready for us with another Happy Anniversary note from the hotel. It’s getting embarrassing now. We’re British dammit a simple sorry and a handshake is all we need. The meal tonight will be the last ‘sorry’ I hope and we can all move on and enjoy the rest of the stay in this beautiful place.

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