Finally in Toronto

(November 9th 2010)

We arrived in Toronto on time at around 9:30am. Grabbed a taxi and got to the hotel to drop our bags off and head out into town. I’d forgotten that I’d had a moment of sensible thinking in advising the hotel that we’d be arriving early so that when we arrived the room was ready (yay) and so we went up to our plush room and jumped on the bed, checked out the tv channels and then left again to go explore.

We walked down to towards the CN Tower and saw the bus stop for the hop-on-hop-off tourist bus. We grabbed a couple of tickets and went upstairs a double decker London Routemaster bus to enjoy the tour. After about 5 minutes I felt like I’d had an accident. In fact it was due to the seats being wet (downside of open top buses) so we went down stairs.

We decided to get off at Lawrence Market which is Torontos version of Borough Market and altogether a must see for anyone who enjoys food. Anyone who has seen me or Amanda knows we like food, so this was a nice place to while away an hour. We had a sandwich and a mosey around and had a nice time.

Next stop was the Eaton Center as they have an Apple Store. OK I do have a habit of visiting Apple Stores wherever I go but also I wanted a new battery for my MacBook Pro. As it turned out, they didn’t have a battery for my MBP as it’s very old (18 months) so we left empty handed but we still had a nice wander around the shops including a huge visit to Sears because we couldn’t find the bloody exit. We saw 4 floors of stuff we had no intention of buying and experienced the joys of waiting for a very slow lift and then wondering which floor to get out of in order to get the hell out of it. Thankfully Amanda was in a wheelchair which meant that only one of us was completely knackered at the end of the excursion.

Back on the bus, we went on the rest of the tour until we got back to the nearest stop to our hotel. Popped into a store to buy milk for coffee (and chocolate milk as I love it) and then went back to the hotel to refresh ready for some food.

When in Toronto, and being located where we are, there is ONE PLACE TO EAT. Gretsky’s Restaurant is about 50 yds away and therefore is a ‘must visit’. Hockey on the tv, icy cold beer and Wayne’s grannies special recipe meatloaf. What’s not to love? We went there 5 years ago and loved it so had to go back and i have tot say that it was just as good. Luckily for you I have spell check as I’m typing this slightly drunk after several pints of Rickards Red (look it up, it’s lush).

Now back to the hotel, and watch the last period of the hockey on the tv then bed 🙂

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